John Millard had a wonderful childhood in the West Midlands, having been brought up on his Grandfather’s Farm, it was here he learned about eating fresh food where all the produce and quality meat from the cattle and sheep was readily available

From a young age John has had a passion for cooking and whilst growing up, his mum and dad ran a local bakery. After leaving school, John joined the family bakery business where he developed his passion for high quality produce and it’s a belief John applies to his own business. The bakery gave John a strong passion for creating delicious desserts and pastries and a desire to learn more about the catering industry. He then went to work as a chef in 4* hotels in the Oxford and Bournemouth areas.

However, Johns determination to own his own business, over 15 years of catering experience and his passion to create his own scratch made recipes led to the beginning of Scratch Cooking Caterers.

He founded Scratch Cooking Caterers in 2013, specialising in high quality catering with a commitment to all recipes being built from the beginning, for John, no shortcuts leads to a superior tasting meal, John believers that “the closer you are to the raw product, the better the end product”